We want to change the way luxury, natural skincare products are experienced & consumed.

"My mission is to create a radical natural beauty brand that seriously raises the bar for what customers get on every level: from transparency, performance, sustainability, to quality and accessible pricing. I really believe that the more you know, the more you learn - the better decisions you can make for your health, skin, planet and overall wellbeing. This is where my dedication of sharing information transparently with our community stems from: the more our customers can learn, the better our products can be understood and the better choices they can make for themselves and our planet. We have built our company on facts, on performance rather than on appeal or with the intent of selling an unattainable dream which is more common than not in the beauty industry.

The history of skincare, much like the fashion industry, has led us to glamorize having more of everything - more products, pricier products, complex routines, heavier carbon footprints. For the most part this has been an illusion of efficacy we’ve created that I hope to shift with our line of products.

Through out my studies in herbalism & now ongoing herbal naturopathy, it was crystal clear to me that the complexity of herbs can be used to optimize skincare products and our overall wellness without the need of needing a particular product for absolutely every need. The secret is in the way these ingredients are combined to maximize the bioavailability of their compounds and the potency of skincare products for natural skincare products that can cater to many different skin types and needs without being emptied every month. 

Committed to creating products that help shift the concept of overpriced skincare products to actually value - by helping demystify and share the knowledge for the power of herbalism and botanical ingredients, I trust we can inform our customers to know more, choose better, and be more satisfied with their purchases while simplifying their lives. Less is more when less is made better, I profoundly believe that.

Our philosophy of simplicity, transparency and optimized product design, we intend to offer our customers what I couldn't find when I decided to launch Amour Propre: positive luxury as the status quo; uncompromising both in quality and sustainability and radically priced by being offered directly to our customers.

Put simply, we believe the more we can be transparent and share our knowledge about herbs, the way they can be optimized together and the way the ingredients work together, the better decisions we can help consumers make and the better the superior value our products deliver can be appreciated, understood."

Words from Alex Sterg

CEO & Founder of Amour Propre Beauty

Instagram: @alex.sterg