Meet Camille - also known as her artist name Lola Melita & the first of our muses to launch our series, the #selflovestories- a sequence of interviews where we sit down with women of all backgrounds and areas to discuss their journey of self-love & their pathway to self-empowerment.

Just a few days following our sit down, Camille would be traveling to London to finally take the leap of faith and pursue her dreams as a singer and songwriter. Only a few years prior, she begun to take singing lessons and let herself explore the possibility of developing a passion and perhaps career one day of it.

Her charisma is magnetic, her energy soft and empowered, she opens up to us about one topic in particular of self-love: identity, and self-confidence.

Did you always feel a strong sense of identity and where you wanted to go in life, or did you have an "a-ha" moment where you suddenly realized you had a passion and the confidence, the ability to pursue it? 

"I've always had a strong sense of what felt right to me, but that didn't mean I knew what I wanted to pursue or how to do it.   I felt very drawn to singing since I was a little girl. About 3 years ago, I found a singing teacher, started performing to her my own songs and then things started unfolding... So I would say, it's very much through giving myself permission to explore what I felt curious about that I found what I have passion for."

In the past, any self-confidence issues you had to confront and overcome while performing or during your everyday life? Did it ever feel awkward to fully accept and stand confidently in your new role as a singer?

"Being in the studio, co-writing with other people, was very foreign to me not very long ago. It's through the experience of it, time and time again, that I grew my confidence. As for my performances, that's where I am looking to grow next. A lot of this is new to me."

Any advice you would like to give to any artists, or women who have a passion but haven’t had the confidence or courage to take the leap of faith you have and aren't quite sure they can accomplish it? Or any advice on being who you are, as you are?

"If your heart is calling, or your intuitive pulling you to explore something, follow he. Also, that it takes a lifetime to know ourselves, and showing up authentically is a process. Be gentle with yourself on the way."

Self-love, any practices you do, people you speak to when you feel out of alignment or nervous, perhaps even yourself? In other words, how do you manage stress and anxiety?

"When anxious, move. (be in action)

When in despair (hopeless), set goals.

When heavy, seek help or help another.

When confused, ask for clarity.

When lonely, communicate (reach out).

When overwhelmed, seek solitude (write). "



Creative team on set

Photography: Alex Nozoi | Beauty: Nisha Gulati

Artistic Direction: Audrey Hubert | Artist: Lola Melita

Agency: Humankind Management

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