One of the most important beliefs upon which Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded on is that our body should be treated by practitioners as one (whole) entity rather than isolated separate entities and components that each work differently on their own. This is relevant if you have redness, rosacea, or in fact, any other inflammatory skin condition (think psoriasis or dermatitis) because they each have one thing in common: their direct relation to overall body inflammation. Yes, often times all of these conditions are passed on by genetics, but the good news is the following: by increasing botanical ingredients in your diet & topical application with anti-inflammatory properties you can significantly reduce their appearance, prevent flair ups and prevent them from getting worst over time. 

What does this mean?

This means if you do happen to have any of the above conditions, a great place to begin your healing process would be by looking into inflammation-inducing habits, re-evaluating your skincare products and the foods you consume (including getting tested for any potential allergens) that might be causing your body to be inflamed. In other words, things that are causing your body either physical stress and/or mental stress. Any mental stress can also be an important factor in the occasion of flair-ups and redness to worsen and in return to show up through visible inflammation in the skin.

How to use Spirulina & Chlorella to improve your skin? Together, they can both reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative stress which causes it in the first place thanks to their powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidative properties.

1. Consider applying them topically for immediate relief and as a daily treatment to help relieve or prevent inflammation. We like to think about this as a daily massage for your skin. (You can find both ingredients them in our anti-redness & inflammatory Rejuvenating Dust)

2. Consider taking them in orally either through supplement form or in a water-dilution or smoothie.

The take-away?

(1) - By eliminating things that could be increasing redness, or causing inflammation and by (2) + increasing intake of Spirulina and/or Chlorella = you can effectively and naturally reduce, soothe + prevent redness, inflammation even if you have predisposition by genetics.

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