Alfalfa | The anti-inflammatory & anti-aging super-plant

Alalfa is one of our favorite super-plants. Its incredibly deep roots allow it to take in an exceptional amount of nutrients & minerals which means when taken in organic form (to avoid taking in any pesticides, herbicides along with all the good stuff!) it can be one of the most nourishing and healing ingredients out there.

Alfalfa is high in vitamin K which is awesome for helping our bodies with blood circulation & may even help reduce the appearance of varicose veins. It is also known to be a powerful supplement to take in either orally, or apply topically to thicken & give a lustry look to our hair locks!

It contains vitamins A,B,C and E, making it not only rejuvenating & collagen stimulating but also a powerful dose of antioxidants. In the environment we live in today, with more unwanted toxicity that we are exposed to without even always realizing, antioxidants may just be our best bet to helping slow down & prevent premature aging. Antioxidants protect our skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and the stress they pause on our skin cells causing our skin & body to inflame, and therefore: age quicker!

Our favorite way to get all of its benefits & infuse them into our skin is through our Revitalizing Oil Cleanser. We formulated it (with a lot of love) and took over 6 months to find the perfect ratio that would give tangible results: it leaves the skin brighter, softer and most importantly helps reduce any inflammation that may be present while also boosting it with skin protecting antioxidants to preserve your best skin and for it to look glowing today, but also in years from now.

If you’d like to know more about oil cleansing (when done right, it can truly be life-changing in terms of balancing, softening the skin & evening out skin tone) you can read our article about it here.


Our Alfalfa infused cleanser is safe for all skin types and allows you to get a full load of nutrients this plant has to offer - without the processing, refining that extraction processes can deplete these awesome ingredients of all that’s awesome & gives visible results. Plus, you can use it on varicose veins, hair roots as a multitasking product!


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